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2006-10-23: Human SCINT Session in CODATA06 - 8
Poster Mihoko Otake  Registed 2006-11-04 22:20 (1512 hits)

Date: 2006.10.23 (Mon) 16:10-16:25
Place: The China Resources Hotel Beijing
Session: Human Science Integration and its Synthetic Research Methodology (2)
Speaker: John Wilbanks
Title: Knowledge Reuse and Community Integration: A Semantic Web of Neuroscience
Keywords: semantic web, neurocommons, neuroscience, science commons, creative commons

Authors: John Wilbanks
Affiliation: Executive Director, Science Commons

Bibliography: John Wilbanks, Knowledge Reuse and Community Integration: A Semantic Web of Neuroscience. In Proceedings of the 20th CODATA International Conference, pp. 124, 2006.(pdf)

The Open Access movement reserves the right to re-use the peer reviewed literature: translation, republication, annotation and analysis. This talk will lay out a specific re-use of the open literature - the NeuroCommons.
The first stage of the NeuroCommons project is underway. Using natural language processing and other automated technologies, we are extracting machine- readable representations of neuroscience-related knowledge as contained in Open Access Literature and taxpayer-funded databases. We will use standard Semantic Web markup languages to assemble those representations into a "graph" that we will re-publish with no intellectual property rights or contractual restrictions on reuse. Our goal is to demonstrate that the rights of re-use, combined with new technologies, can dramatically increase the value of knowledge on the web.

[1] http://neurocommons.org
[2] http://sciencecommons.org
[3] http://creativecommons.org
Copyright (C) 2005-6, Human Science Integration Program - Humans. All right reserved.