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2005-07-27: Human SCINT Seminar (9)
Poster Mihoko Otake  Registed 2005-12-25 22:27 (1138 hits)

Date: 2005.7.27 (Wed) 13:00-14:15
Place: General Research Building, Room 663
Speaker: Kohsuke Yanai
Title: Emergence of intelligence from evolutionary computing
Keywords: evolutionary computing, program evolution, emergence, artificial life, complex system biology

Affiliation: Department of Frontier Informatics, Graduate School of Frontier Sciences
Position: Graduate Student
Adviser: Hitoshi Iba, Iba laboratory
Disciplines: Informatics, artificial intelligence, evolutionary computing
Societies and Conferences: The Japanese Society for Artificial Intelligence, Information processing society of Japan, ACM SIGEVO , Genetic and Evolutionary Computing Conference, Congress on Evolutionary Computation, Asian-Pacific Workshop on Genetic Programming

Bibliography: Kohsuke Yanai, Emergence of intelligence from evolutionary computing, Human Science Integration Seminar Abstracts, No. 9, pp. 1, 2005.
(Please use this bibliography when you cite this abstract.)

Can we gather any kind of intelligence or knowledge through simulations of evolution? Evolutionary computation is an approach based on natural evolution for problem-solving and optimization. It uses the Darwinian principle of natural selection and analogs of various naturally occurring operations, including crossover, mutation, gene duplication, gene deletion.
Evolutionary methods for automatically creating a computer program are one of the main topics in the field of evolutionary computation. There are now 37 instances where these methods have produced human-competitive results: 22 instances where they have created the functionality of a previously patented invention, and 2 instances where they have created a patentable new invention.
In this presentation, we overview evolutionary computation and its applications to program generation. Then we describe evolutionary algorithms that use neither crossover nor mutation but uses probability distributions, and review recent studies concerning an approach based on a probabilistic model. Finally we discuss the mechanism of evolutionary computation from a viewpoint of "Complex Systems."

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