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Human SCINT Parties Top 10 (Hits)
1Human SCINT Party (1) - DinnerHuman SCINT Parties3857
2Human SCINT Party (3)Human SCINT Parties3720
3Human SCINT Party (1) - CheersHuman SCINT Parties3488
4Human SCINT Party (2)Human SCINT Parties3362

Human SCINT Seminar Presentations Top 10 (Hits)
1Human SCINT Seminar Presentation (2)Human SCINT Seminar Presentations3548
2Human SCINT Seminar Presentation (1)Human SCINT Seminar Presentations3375

Human SCINT Seminars Top 10 (Hits)
1Human SCINT Seminar(21)Human SCINT Seminars4236
2Human SCINT Seminar (13) - ParticipantsHuman SCINT Seminars3327
3Human SCINT Seminar (7)Human SCINT Seminars3301
4Human SCINT Seminar (13) - 2Human SCINT Seminars3268
5Human SCINT Seminar (13) - DiscussionHuman SCINT Seminars3261
6Human SCINT Seminar (15)Human SCINT Seminars3249
7Human SCINT Seminar (10) - ParticipantsHuman SCINT Seminars3222
8Human SCINT Seminar (6)Human SCINT Seminars3208
9Human SCINT Seminar (16)Human SCINT Seminars3201
10Human SCINT Seminar (11)Human SCINT Seminars3178

Human SCINT Sessions Top 10 (Hits)
1Human SCINT Session in CODATA06 - FrontHuman SCINT Sessions4496
2Human SCINT Session in CODATA06 - BackHuman SCINT Sessions4368
3Human SCINT Session in CODATA06 - 20th AnniversaryHuman SCINT Sessions4357
4Human SCINT Session in CODATA06 - 8Human SCINT Sessions4321
5Human SCINT Session in CODATA06 - 6Human SCINT Sessions3898
6Human SCINT Session in CODATA06 - 7Human SCINT Sessions3809
7Human SCINT Session in CODATA06 - 5Human SCINT Sessions3799
8Human SCINT Session in CODATA06 - 4Human SCINT Sessions3744
9Human SCINT Session in CODATA06 - 3Human SCINT Sessions3575
10Human SCINT Session in CODATA06 - 2Human SCINT Sessions3479

Illustration Top 10 (Hits)
1Numbers of Characters in the Q&A summary at Human SCINT Seminars in 2005Illustration5451
2Participants in 2005Illustration3396
3Numbers of Questions at Human SCINT Seminars in 2005Illustration3251
4Screen image of the module administration pageIllustration3241
5Screen image of the event administration pageIllustration3190

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