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10 Best Nikon D3200 Lenses of 2021 [Only Compatible Models Included]  from CameraKen  (2021/2/22 15:29) 
The fixed lens on the Nikon D3200 is suitable for entry-level photography . However, it’s imperative to get external lenses for more professional shots, but with so many different types of lenses available in the market, choosing the right one could be a homework. Also, being an old camera model, the Nikon D3200 lacks a focus motor, certain filters, and many people shall suggest you to switch to a different device, but why spend money on another device when just purchasing an external lens can give more power to your camera? It doesn’t matter what your lens requirements are, whether you need a lens that’s capable of low-light photography, or want to capture the moon (astrophotography) or just want a lens that can make your image stand out, you shall find a Nikon D3200 compatible lens that’s perfect your photography needs. Before making this list, I also interviewed 61 users and even interacted with photo studio owners to figure out the lenses th ...
10 Best DSLR Camera under $1000 in 2021 [Expert Picks]  from CameraKen  (2021/2/19 17:24) 
Is your budget for your next DSLR camera less than 1000 dollars? Perhaps, you must be looking for the best possible device that money can buy, but which one? Finding the right device can be a daunting task, especially with so many options being available. Whether you need a DSLR for recording videos (shooting films, vlogs, Youtube videos), capturing portraits, or doing astrophotography, landscape photography, there are many sub-$1000 devices in this list that’ll help you with diverse-use cases. As a word of advice, you shouldn’t randomly pick the best-rated option from the list, you must first ascertain your primary needs and make sure that camera you’ve chosen in capable of handling them well. Based on our experience, a $1000 DSLR camera must come with the below listed features: Touchscreen LCD : A quick focusing enabled with a touchscreen LCD would be helpful while shooting events or portraits. Higher no of AF points : It is necessary to h ...
10 Best Digital Cameras For Street Photography in 2021 [Lightweight and Travel-Friendly Options Incl  from CameraKen  (2021/2/17 23:00) 
This passion isn?t about walking around, randomly pointing your camera at unwitting passers-by or the occasional hapless shopkeeper who happens to cross your path. The best street photographers are those who shoot with intention, those who observe patterns, predict events, and have their camera ready at the right moment. For shots like this, one needs a camera that?s fast, reliable, and snappy. It needs to survive a full day on the streets, be light enough to save your shoulders, and ideally, tough enough to survive a fall or a splash. Some might argue that you need a small, inconspicuous camera that will not intimidate the public, while others will argue that speed and reliability are more important. Both arguments have merit. An inconspicuous camera will let you surreptitiously snap a pic or two, but a speedy camera with a long lens could get you those epic close-ups that will make your career. Both arguments have merit and we?re not here to argue the pros and cons of ...
11 Best Macro Lens For Sony A6000 [As per 19 Experts]  from CameraKen  (2021/2/9 21:21) 
All major camera makers design and sell macro lenses, but today we?re focusing on Sony?s fantastic A6000 line of cameras. These APS-C mirrorless systems offer unmatched autofocus performance, superb sensors, and a lens mount that?s very popular. That last means that you don?t need to rely solely on Sony?s first-party lenses for building your kit. So for this article, I got in touch with 19 experts who use a macro lens with this camera for their client projects, especially for product photography. I also talked to 23 students who use this combination for their routine use and to get a hang of nature photography in their free time. I then tested their recommendations and narrowed it down to top Sony A6000 compatible lenses for you. Note that the difference between other lenses and a macro lens is helpfully defined by the term ?reproduction ratio? , a more technical term for magnification. Reproduction ratio refers to the ratio between the actual size of the subject being shot ...
10 Best DSLR Cameras For Slow Motion in 2021 [For Films, Commercials and Sports]  from CameraKen  (2021/2/3 22:20) 
DSLRs are also great tools for capturing video , and if you?re looking for one such camera with the express intention of capturing slo-mo video, you?ve come to the right place. I interviewed 43 professionals who use such cameras in diverse fields like films, tv commercials, sports and action before starting to make sure whatever I discuss here is relevant in the current market. When it comes to slow-motion video, we first need to determine your project settings, i.e. the frame-rate of your final output video. This will determine the type of slow-mo video you can shoot. Consider the following: 24fps project at 120fps = 5x slo-mo 30fps project at 120fps = 4x slo-mo 60fps project at 120fps = 2x slo-mo Next up, settle on a resolution for your project. Few cameras can shoot higher than 4K at 30 fps, and only expensive, professional cameras manage 4K 60 or 120fps. For the average user, even one with deep pockets, it makes more sense to set a more realistic resolution tar ...
Lyckan av att springa i skogen på vintern!  from Stockholm Trail  (2021/1/29 5:47) 
Om du inte redan har testat och blivit biten så vill jag rekommendera att springa trail på vintern. Helst när snön ligger vit och vacker eller nattetid när snön lyses upp av pannlampas sken. För att kunna njuta kommer här några tips. Bra skor är ett måste. Bra grepp och helst spikar gör att du… Läs mer
Vintertraillöpning  from Stockholm Trail  (2021/1/10 18:01) 
Nu har det ju faktiskt äntligen kommit lite snö! Med betoning på just lite. Åtminstone här i Stockholm. Och det är ju lätt att bli ivrig att snöra på sig skridskorna, valla skidorna eller polera stjärtlappen och bege sig ut för vinteraktiviteter. Men, det man också kan göra ? det är att springa. Och förbereda… Läs mer
Anmälan öppnar 11/1  from Stockholm Trail  (2020/12/16 5:32) 
Nu lämnar vi ett historiskt och mörkt 2020 bakom oss och blickar framåt mot ett spännande 2021. Anmälan för Stockholm Trail öppnar den 11 januari 2021. Vi hoppas verkligen på att ni är lika trailsugna som vi från crewet är. Varmt välkomna! Anmäl mig! Självklart följer vi samhällsutvecklingen och tävlingen kommer att anpassas efter rådande… Läs mer
Sprint! Nytt 2021  from Stockholm Trail  (2020/12/16 5:25) 
Nu har vi fullt fokus på 2021 och en nyhet är införandet av en sprintklass med en bana på ca 1,5 km. Här får du som hellre springer snabbt än långt en möjlighet att testa på en riktig trailbana. Vi inför både en tävlingsklass för sprint men även en öppen klass för dig som vill… Läs mer
Löpargrupp  from Stockholm Trail  (2020/12/16 4:46) 
Till våren 2021 har du chansen att hänga med oss när vi visar upp flertalet av våra egna favoritområden vad gäller traillöpning i Stockholms södra utkanter. Vi kommer att ansvara för TrailRunningSwedens löpargrupp Stockholm Syd. Vi testar självklart även delar av Stockholm Trails banor vid något tillfälle. För mer information titta in på Löpargrupp Stockholm… Läs mer

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