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10 Best Mid Level DSLR Cameras in 2020 [For Every Skill Level]  from CameraKen  (2020/9/15 3:35) 
A perfect time to upgrade from your beginner camera to a best mid-level DSLR is when you have mastered all its features and think that the limited possibilities is hampering your growth and creativity. For example, beginner DSLRs would have a burst rate of 3 FPS whereas a mid-level DSLR would have a 7 FPS burst rate. Also, the ISO support of these cameras is much more than beginner ones. If you think these are a hindrance to your work, it is a good time to upgrade. A mid-range DSLR is a camera that is a bit advanced and has more features and better low light capabilities than a beginner DSLR. This makes it ideal for photographers who have had enough practice and now want to pursue their career as a professional photographer. Such DSLRs are also suited for people who want more options with regards to the compatibility of lenses and the ability to have a better frame rate. The main thing to keep in mind is the purpose of the camera. As we go higher in camera models, they ...
10 Best Cheap Point and Shoot Film Camera in 2020 [Evergreen Models]  from CameraKen  (2020/9/11 23:32) 
A question that always bothers us now is the worthiness of cheap point and shoot film cameras when phone cameras are becoming highly equipped to give point and shoot cameras a run for the money. Well, simply said, the cameras are anytime a better option for photography and videography than a smartphone. Even when today?s smartphones boast all the capabilities like optical zoom and 4k video shooting, a point & shoot camera not only provides an exclusive photographic experience without any disturbances but also gives you better sensors, dedicated modes, and they also provide guidelines/ tutorials in the camera to help you master the art of photography. Point and shoot cameras are really handy and portable versions of cameras that can be used anywhere and everywhere. They are inexpensive, compared to DSLRs but have excellent zooming capabilities that make them suitable for clicking pictures of the moon or a butterfly in your garden. They can also be used to take videos ...
10 Best PTZ Camera for Church [Live Stream&Record Church Services]  from CameraKen  (2020/9/8 23:45) 
A church is a place of worship and in times like this of COVID 19, a Pan Tilt Zoom (commonly known as PTZ) camera can be very useful to broadcast and live stream the church mass. It can even help to capture and record the weddings that take place on the premises and thus add photographic beauty. Church video system can also be helpful to record and see the baptism of babies. There are fewer chances of any crime to take place in such places but in an unforeseen event, it can be very useful. Thus, a good ptz camera in the church can have multiple uses. A ptz broadcast camera can have a varied amount of control and abilities depending on the make and the model. The features of the camera also decide and contribute to the usage. Below are some major points that you need to take into consideration while buying: Panning :- Panning abilities decide how many fields of view horizontally can be captured by the camera. This is usually measured in degrees. The range can start fro ...
Best Camera For Recording Music [As per 76 Professional Musicians]  from CameraKen  (2020/8/18 23:50) 
Music is an essential tool of self-expression and with ease of access to learning it, it has become more than important to record music and upload it on platforms such as YouTube, Snapchat, TikTok, etc. to gain exposure and make a good career in it. So, we contacted around 76 professional musicians and elite freelancers. We observed their workflow and asked what camera & accessories they use. We then ran our own market research and boiled down this article to make it pitch-perfect for people in the same field. You would be taking videos with your smartphone and be satisfied with it but if you are serious enough to pursue it professionally, a camera is a must-have. A camera can do certain things like record your voice through external microphones and zoom in while you are singing. This will enhance your voice quality and also give you the flexibility to produce professional videos from any angle without worrying about the camera light and all. A smartphone ...
Best Camera for Self Filming Hunts [According to 91 Hunters]  from CameraKen  (2020/8/14 23:39) 
Hunting is a sport as well as a survival technique. Recording videos of your hunts and learning from it is a great way to improve this skill. And so we interviewed over 90 hunters worldwide and talked about their schedules, kits, techniques, etc. Most of them stressed on owning the right camera set for hunting expedition. More than half of them also revealed that they improved their hunting skills by always recording the hunts. According to them, recording helps you go back to your hunting episodes so that you understand your mistakes and avoid repeating them. It will also be a useful tool to observe animal behavior and predict their life routine. Hunting is full of movement and rapid actions. Recording hunts is a bit different from recording regular videos. One would need a camera that has a wide-angle view, the ability to track the animal and the hunter, and the capture of the actions. Most of the camera types like DSLRs, Camcorders, action cameras can ...
10 Best Cameras For Beauty Blogging [Expert Recommendations]  from CameraKen  (2020/7/30 23:28) 
Cameras are a must needed equipment for blogging. Whether you want to upload the post makeup picture on Instagram or you want to share a makeup tutorial on YouTube, you just can not neglect the importance and the utility that a camera would provide for your blog. You would need a modern camera with the latest features like 4k video recording , WiFi and NFC connectivity, an external port for a microphone, and a live view to see yourself while the recording is on . These features would ensure that you have the maximum flexibility while making a video and there is no stone left unturned to get the best quality. You can have a look at your face and it will also act as a mirror to see how the makeup and the beauty hack appears on the screen. Pretty useful for a check before uploading. A vlog is a form that can reach the masses via websites like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, etc. There are also various blogs on which you can have guest posts of your make up h ...
12 Best Camera for Teenager Interested in Photography 2020 [Top Models]  from CameraKen  (2020/7/24 16:08) 
Photography and taking pictures of everything has become a part of our daily life and children are learning this at a highly progressive rate every day. In fact, it would be a good idea to gift them a camera if they show the slightest interest in photography. You can figure the interest by knowing how many photographs of different things they take and how excited they get when you tell them to take pictures. They might even spend hours taking pictures and you would know that it is the right time. In this era of smartphones, you may think about what is the need of buying a camera? Well, cameras are designed to focus only on photography and give users a full amount of control. This is something that smartphones have only begun doing on a small scale. A camera will give so many options and controls to click a photo that are not possible on the smartphone. For instance, Zoom is something that is very basic that cameras do excellently while smartphones have very lim ...
12 Best 4k Camcorders [For Every Purpose and Budget]  from CameraKen  (2020/7/9 14:01) 
Videos have become the breath of media and it is the most viewed form of content. If you are a content maker, it is very essential that you make videos to engage your audience whether is with your day to day activity vlogs or a short film. A camcorder is the best way to do that. Anyone who wishes to create great videos and is interested in learning the art of taking beautiful videos uses a 4k camcorder. Filmmakers use camcorders if they are shooting on a low budget, you can even use a camcorder for recording a family event or shooting a concert. 4k resolution is the highest resolution that is currently there in the market. Every gadget is now progressing towards having a better screen including mobile phones. It will ensure that every detail of the video comes out crisp and clear. You will notice every little detail in it. Having one will ensure that you have the best in any device that the viewer is viewing in. In order to have this supreme recording qualit ...
10 Best Vlogging Camera with Flip Screen 2020 [Expert Reviews]  from CameraKen  (2020/7/2 19:25) 
Vlogging is the modern way of communication for social media. It is a popular way to reach the masses. In order to Vlog, you do not need much but a camera and a tripod. However, if you want to stand out from thousands of vloggers and make your videos professional and crisp, you should have a professional camera. A camera with a flip screen should be the best one for your vlogging needs as the screen will have its independent motion and you can see yourself while the camera records your video. Vlog is a modern way of communication and you can upload it on various platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, DailyMotion, Vines, Vimeo, etc. In fact, many people have made their careers simply by Vlogging on TikTok and Snapchat and have earned a lot of money! Videos have an advantage over written posts as anyone can understand what you are saying without being able to read. If you are vlogging professionally, only a camera will not suffice your needs. Yo ...
Provlöpning  from Stockholm Trail  (2020/6/19 6:17) 
Igår i ett kylslaget Stockholm så var det dags för årets första provlöpning till Stockholm Trail 2020! Fjärde eller femte gången jag är med på provlöpning och i år blir fjärde gången jag springer Stockholm Trail 21K! Jag kände redan vid stigningen uppför Hammarbybacken att något inte riktigt var som det ska med kroppen. Trots att… Läs mer

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