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6 Best Underwater Ice Fishing Cameras in 2023 [Fish Viewing]  from CameraKen  (2023/1/28 16:45) 
Bundling up and heading to your nearest lake, fishing gear in tow must rank near the top of anyone?s list of things to indulge in during long, wintry days. Unless you?re a master fisherman, however, that trip can turn out to be very frustrating if you start drilling holes in the wrong spot. What you need is an ice fishing camera. Here?s the thing: Unlike regular digital cameras, ice fishing cameras are a niche unto themselves, and unless you know exactly what you?re looking for, you?re going to end up lost and wondering what you?ve just spent your money on. Trust me, I?ve been there. To help you make an informed decision, I?ve spent quite a bit of time researching various underwater ice fishing cameras, talking to passionate fishermen, and understanding their needs and favorite tools. That knowledge has been distilled into these six recommendations, which should help you speed up the process of choosing an ideal ice fishing camera. 6 Best Ice Fishing Cameras of 2023 [ ...
What is a PTZ Camera? [Design, Features, Functionality,&More]  from CameraKen  (2023/1/28 16:40) 
Don?t we all love cameras with wide viewing angles? Ones that can work like powerful fish-eye lenses. Capturing the widest possible shots. And offering the required level of visual distortion to make panoramic or even hemispherical shots realities. Yes, those cameras are excellent. But they fall short if you want something for churches, guard stations, museums, and large outdoor areas. At this point, all you need is a PTZ camera. And in case you don’t know, PTZ stands for Pan-Tilt-Zoom. But then, do you really know a lot about PTZ camera systems? If you, follow along as I dissect every aspect of standard PTZ cameras. The discussion will include the ways to connect, types, features, advantages, mounting ideas, and even some FAQs to address the standard user queries. So let?s get down to business. Design & Functionality of PTZ Cameras Aesthetics first, as it?s always interesting to look at PTZ cameras up close. Most PTZ cameras are dome-shaped, but you can ...
7 Best Cameras for Snowboarding in 2023 [Expert Suggestions]  from CameraKen  (2023/1/28 16:35) 
Few things are as joyous as snowboarding down steep slopes, or as demanding on the human body. Capturing and sharing that joy, however, isn?t easy. Unless you have the right gear, cold temperatures and moisture are brutal on cameras, not to mention the damage that the shock of your — hopefully infrequent — crashes can do. What you?re looking for is an action camera or 360 camera that can take everything you throw at it. Top-of-the-line GoPros are the obvious choice, but what if you want something more interesting or something more friendly on the pocket? Finding such a snowboard cam isn?t easy, not without a deep understanding of specs and hours spent researching options. To save you some time and trouble, I?ve done that work for you. What you?ll find here is a list of very capable snowboarding cameras, each one shortlisted for offering something exceptional, be it value, image quality, or ease of use. 7 Best Cameras for Snowboarding in 2023 In this art ...
What is a Mirrorless Camera? [Explained with Types]  from CameraKen  (2023/1/28 16:30) 
The world of digital cameras is evolving at a tremendous rate and we are way past those old-school Film Camera days. The photography industry has been taken over by advanced level DSLRs, Mirrorless Cameras, Point & Shoots, and modern Smartphones. But, perhaps the biggest impact has been made by Mirrorless Cameras. Sure, the traditional DSLR has been around longer but, the massive shift towards Mirrorless has been extremely beneficial for both customers and companies. Mirrorless cameras are currently producing excellent quality images, crispy ultra high-res videos while being significantly lightweight & compact. Giants like Sony & Canon have already realized the potential, and they?ve shifted the majority of their focus to Interchangeable-lens Mirrorless Cameras, and other brands are not far behind. Mirrorless has spread across different segments, different prices, and different sizes. There is absolutely no doubt that the future of photography is mirrorless. ...
7 Best Cameras for Skateboarding in 2023 [Expert Picks]  from CameraKen  (2023/1/28 16:25) 
As a skateboarder looking to share their skills online, what you?re looking for is a skate camera that?s small, light, and sturdy. You need something that?s tough, something that can take hard knocks as you knock your board about grabbing air or grinding on rails. You need a camera that?s fun to use! That?s easier said than done, however. The obvious choice is to just hop online and grab the first GoPro that fits your budget, but did you know that GoPro is no longer the only option, that there are other unique skate filming cameras out there that might fit your needs better? That?s where I come in. What I?ve got for you here is a carefully curated list of a variety of skateboarding cameras that will complement your style and help you create the kind of content you want to make. These are cameras used by skaters around the world, including pros and enthusiastic amateurs alike. 7 Best Cameras for Skateboarding in 2023 In this article, I?ll be covering everything from ...
7 Best Cameras for Surf Photography in 2023 [Expert Suggestions]  from CameraKen  (2023/1/28 16:20) 
There?s something almost intangibly wonderful and freeing about surfing on a warm summer day. However, capturing that freedom and wonder in a photograph is another matter entirely. Without adequate protection and the right gear, salt, sand, and moisture can and will wreck your precious electronics. This includes exposed contacts, sand in AF motors, and damaged lens coatings. Finding the best camera for surf photography is going to take some effort. To save you some trouble, I?ve compiled for you here a list of good, weather-sealed surf filming cameras that are compatible with a bunch of beach-ready accessories and cases. These recommendations come from some of the top surf photographers out there. 7 Best Cameras for Surf Photography in 2023 Photographing surfers is only a challenge because it requires some initial prep work to invest in the right photography equipment. This list aims to save you some time by recommending a set of reasonably priced but very capable ...
6 Best Nikon Lenses for Sports Photography in 2023 [Expert Picks]  from CameraKen  (2023/1/28 16:15) 
The Nikon range of cameras has been praised for generations for their insane photography capabilities and professionals were quick to adopt them. Lenses play a major role in all this, and if you are looking to buy a Nikon lens for sports photography, I want to make damn sure you find the best one. If you?re a professional sports photographer, you already know how things work but, in case you?re just starting off, you do need to know a few things. Let me list them out for you: Firstly you?ll need a good Telephoto lens with a nice focal range. The focal range is measured in millimeters. The higher the max range is the further you can zoom in. Having a lens with a wide aperture also helps, as you can maintain fast shutter speeds that help you capture moving subjects better. If the lens has stabilization built-in, it?ll handle zoomed-in shots better. This can be useful while your subject is far away. If it isn?t in fact, stabilized, you can put the camera on a Tripod. If yo ...
8 Best Cameras for Skiing in 2023 [Top Picks by Skiers]  from CameraKen  (2023/1/28 16:10) 
Sharing your joy of skiing with the world requires a ski camera that can capture that pleasure well and be just as much of a pleasure to use. You need a small light camera that you can mount on a head or chest and forget about till you?re done having fun on snowy hills. Considering these requirements, it wouldn’t be wrong to state that nothing can beat action cams in this case. They’re the perfect fit for activities like skiing, snowboarding , skateboarding , and more. In addition to that, action cameras are easy to find, but choosing the right one isn?t that simple. Quite a lot of brands make action cameras these days. And they?ve managed to cover different price points with so many unique features that it?s hard to make up our minds. 8 Best Cameras for Skiing in 2023 To help you pick the best action camera for skiing, I?ve consulted with dozens of accomplished skiers and compiled this list of top-rated options. Each of these skiing cameras has so ...
7 Best Cameras for Concert Photography in 2023 [Expert Picks]  from CameraKen  (2023/1/28 16:05) 
Concerts are cool, and shooting them is even cooler. Flashing lights, smoke effects, and moody lighting result in scenes that are incredibly exciting if you can capture them right. And that?s the real challenge: finding a good camera for concerts that can adequately deal with challenging lighting and flashing strobes. You need to look for concert cameras that can focus quickly in low light, has exceptional low-light performance, and has the ability to shoot through flicker while quickly adapting exposure settings to match the lighting. While most cameras can take good photos, they will struggle in low light, and you need to know what to look for. This is where I come in. The cameras I?ve shortlisted for you have been tested in the field and vetted by experts to identify models that will suit your photography style, regardless of budget. These cameras will not let you down in a concert setting, no matter what you pick. 7 Best Cameras for Concert Photography in 2023 ...
Best Camera Settings for Car Photography [With Tips&Tricks]  from CameraKen  (2023/1/27 18:50) 
Unlike randomly clicking stuff around you, adhering to specific settings is advised to get the job done perfectly. You might be a beginner or a hobbyist who wants to take great pictures of a car , this post has everything explained from basic parameters to actual camera settings for car photography in different situations. From clicking static car pictures to a moving car or focusing on specific parts, car photography can be a situation and cause-oriented affair. Right from changing the camera’s shutter speed to fixing the ISO , aperture, and focus, a lot of work needs to go behind perfecting the shot. Fret not, as I will touch upon every relevant setting needed to adjust to different photo-specific scenarios. Be it keeping changing the depth of field for the desired bokeh effect or handling the lighting in the manual mode to manage the camera better, this article will take you through anything and everything. Best Camera Settings for Car Photography ...

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