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9 Best Cameras For eBay Listings in 2022 [Sharp&Professional Shots]  from CameraKen  (2022/7/14 20:14) 
When selling items on eBay, it?s important that what you?re selling looks good. People will generally be more trusting of a listing that looks professional, and will, by extension, want to pay more. But how do you get there? What kind of camera would you need for your eBay listings? You can start learning about cameras or take the help of this article. Before writing this, I’ve done huge research, analyzed the features of multiple cameras and even tried our hands-on product photography and after all of it, here are the 9 best cameras to consider in 2022. Unless you?re shooting professionally, you don?t need a camera with fancy features. What will help, instead, is a focus on a good quality sensor and lens line-up, both of which will help you capture great images and frame your shot better. Best Cameras for eBay Sellers in 2022 When you?re clicking photos for eBay listings, it?s important that they look sharp and professional. Also, these images aren?t click ...
Volontära som funktionär under loppet  from Stockholm Trail  (2022/7/12 18:51) 
Vill du vara en del av Stockholm Trail men inte tävla!? Stå och visa väg samt heja på löparna längs med banan, dela ut vatten vid vätskestationerna eller hänga medaljer på löparna vid målgång. Det finns flera sätt att hjälpa oss under dagen. Maila ditt intresse med namn och kontaktuppgifter till info@stokholmtrail.se och skriv vad… Läs mer
Plogga + Stockholm Trail = Sant  from Stockholm Trail  (2022/7/12 16:33) 
Stockholm Trail är ett stort fan av PLOGGA och har under våra 10 år som traillopp haft flera samarbeten tillsammans. I år kommer alla våra funktionärer ute på banorna vara rustade med miljövänliga påsar för att kunna Plogga längs med banorna i samband med uthängning och inplockning av våra ca 2000 snitslar. Funktionärer runt arenan… Läs mer
7 Best Cameras For Photographing Artwork in 2022 [Expert Picks]  from CameraKen  (2022/6/17 23:56) 
Are you an intermediate or a professional photographer looking to buy a reliable camera for artwork? Is the availability of so many options and the marketing gimmicks puzzling you? Well, not anymore, as I will break down everything for you to make an informed call. You must know that photographing artwork for prints requires precision, time, and experience. And even if you know it well, you can’t fix the bad representation of colors & textures produced by an average shooter. This is why you need the best camera for photographing artwork. The implications of getting the wrong camera for taking pictures of artwork can be horrible. If you end up with something less than ideal, you?ll have nightmares about using it. This is why I researched thoroughly, tested several models, and finally qualified 7 cameras that I feel are highly suitable for artwork photography. 7 Best Cameras for Photographing Artwork in 2022 Whether you’re a professional photographer ...
7 Best Cameras for Live Streaming in 2022 [Expert Choices]  from CameraKen  (2022/6/9 18:35) 
Are you a YouTuber, content creator, artist, sports person, gamer, teacher, or a working professional searching for a reliable live streaming camera? Whether you’re a novice who doesn’t know about digital cameras or an experienced person looking to explore the latest streaming cameras, you’ve come to the right place. Indeed, live streaming is a great thing, especially if you run a business around it. It?s also straightforward, and nearly everyone does it. And that?s the problem. How do you create a stream that stands out? Well, getting the best camera for live streaming shall help you capture high-quality photos/videos, eventually resulting in high-resolution streams. But with many options in the market, finding a suitable camera that can live stream is pretty challenging. That’s precisely why I have put a lot of time and effort into learning the ins and outs of streaming and understanding the technical hurdles that wannabe streamers face. 7 Best ...
How To Connect Camera To TV Using USB? [Easy Guide]  from CameraKen  (2022/6/6 14:43) 
Be it a marriage, a birthday party, or any other memorable occasion, nothing beats the fun of viewing the captures on a big screen! Hence, connecting the camera to a TV using USB would be best. But how do you do that? Fret not, the article has you covered. As you specifically want to hook up the camera to a TV using USB, I assume either you?re unaware of the HDMI connectivity or you don?t have an adapter by your side. Also, casting images wirelessly wouldn?t be possible on the TV directly. Therefore, the USB port on your camera seems to be the only practical option. After all, connecting the camera to a TV using a USB port isn?t bad. HDMI ports can be tricky to understand, and having a wired connection (USB, in this case) is better to keep latency and lags to a minimum. And this approach of connecting cameras to TVs works even for smartphones that you use only as cameras. Prerequisites Before you move ahead and learn how to hook a camera to a TV using USB, it is ...
9 Best Cameras for Real Estate Photography in 2022 [Latest Models]  from CameraKen  (2022/5/23 22:29) 
Real estate photography requires special cameras, period. It?s not that your standard Point & Shoot or DSLR won?t work. Instead, getting a relevant real estate camera to capture the patios, interiors, and colors in low light with the desired field of view isn?t particularly a bad option. Whether you are a realtor (real estate agent) or a professional photographer, your search for the best real estate camera should end in the next couple of minutes. Getting the best camera for real estate photography is not enough. You need to know the angles and tricks to get the best pictures of the property. You also need to consider getting a device with external lens support. It’ll make your work a tad easier. For instance, a budget offering might not come with a wide-angle lens, but your wide-angle shots for rooms, bathrooms, etc., can be sorted if it supports an external one. Also, accessories like a tripod, flash, or LED lights would make “the sky” a l ...
Provlöpning #1 Söndag 22 maj  from Stockholm Trail  (2022/5/19 17:27) 
Äntligen dags att provspringa delar av Stockholm Trails banor!!Vi samlas kl.15.00 vid Hammarbyhöjdens IP, (kortsidan där det är skog och en liten kulle, mittemot omklädningsrummen) och delar in oss i tempogrupper beroende på hur långt och snabbt man vill springa. Vi springer 10K banan eller ca 15 km (förkortad 21K bana) i vackra Nackareservatet. Det… Läs mer
Full Frame vs APS-C: How Do These Camera Sensors Compare?  from CameraKen  (2022/5/18 19:56) 
Making sense of camera sensors can be tricky, especially if you choose between Full Frame and APS-C. But then, looking at them in isolation doesn?t make a lot of sense. You should evaluate them based on their utilities and your photography needs. Coming to the differences between Full Frame and APS-C, a full-frame sensor is bigger than the APS-C counterpart. Yet, there is more to the Full-Frame vs APS-C debate than just size. Simply put, a Full-frame captures more area than an APS-C sensor . Yet, that isn?t the point where the differences end. Full-frame sensors, housed primarily by DSLR cameras , are great when getting excellent bokeh effect and low-light performances are concerned. APS-C shooters are the most cost-effective and better bets when sports and street photography are concerned. But then, you need to understand each sensor type in and out to assess their pros and cons better, as selecting them is often determined by your skill level as a photograp ...
7 Best Cameras for Family Photography in 2022 [For All Occasions]  from CameraKen  (2022/5/2 21:00) 
Are you planning to take your family on vacation? Want to capture the joyful moments and memories for life? No worries, your hunt for the best family camera should end here. The best camera for family photography isn?t the pricey one. Instead, it is the one that fits into your scheme of things, like being able to capture family portraits, kid photographs, home photographs, the newlyweds, and more. Also, a camera for family photos solves a specific problem or is meant for an exclusive occasion. For instance, a camera for podcasting might not be suitable for professional family photography. You need the right gear for the right kind of clicks: mirrorless for better videos , DSLR for more shooting capabilities , or Point-and-Shoots for portability and ease of use . Also, the price may not always agree with the budget you set, and you might just be looking for an affordable camera for family photography. I prepared this list of top picks, keeping all such pain poi ...

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