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How Long Does a Canon Battery Last? [All You Need To Know]  from CameraKen  (2022/4/26 19:00) 
Are you planning to take your new DSLR , Mirrorless , or a Point and Shoot camera out on a trip? Not sure how long does a Canon battery last? Before you plan a hike to the Andes top or a casual stroll across the glistening beaches of Maldives, it is important to ensure that the battery is up to the snuff. Yet, the battery life prefacing your camera?s efficacy might vary depending on the model in hand. And that is exactly why I have decided to put together a detailed analysis ? talking about every battery element, ways to calculate the battery life, reasons for battery drain, and ideas to make the Canon camera’s battery last longer. Plus, I have also put together the peak performance limits of each camera type, against which you can compare the current state of your camera and the battery it incases. So let?s get the ball rolling! How Long Does a Canon Battery Last? Canon Mirrorless Camera Shots 300 Hours [Photography] 8 Hours Video ...
6 Best Batteries for Blink Cameras in 2022 [Top Pics + Buyer?s Guide]  from CameraKen  (2022/4/21 17:56) 
Finding the right set of batteries for a Blink camera can be tricky. You might end up purchasing single-use batteries in haste while your camera also takes rechargeable batteries. However, the trick here is to cover every aspect before purchasing blink batteries, especially by looking at the battery type and safety traits like temperature resistance, shelf life, etc. Starting from lithium batteries to their alkaline counterparts, it all comes down to their ability to store charge and keep performing across cycles. And if you plan on placing the camera outdoors, weatherproof and leak-resistance battery choices become apparent. Regardless, it is all about checking out the best batteries for blink cameras and taking calls accordingly. Keeping the requirements and pain points in mind, I have prepared a list of Blink camera batteries that are easy to procure, use, and pair with specific camera modules. Not to mention the heat and cold resistance associated with these batteries. ...
Jenny Nilsson springer sitt 10:e Stockholm Trail iår!  from Stockholm Trail  (2022/4/1 18:08) 
Hur många gånger har du sprungit Stockholm Trail?  Alla upplagor, dvs nio gånger. Vilken distans har du sprungit?  Favoriten är 21 km, men pga skador har jag ibland sprungit 5 km eller 10 km. Fem gånger har det blivit 21 km och två gånger vardera på 5- och 10 km-banorna. Vad får dig att komma… Läs mer
6 Best Cameras Under $300 in 2022 [Top Budget Picks]  from CameraKen  (2022/3/28 17:03) 
If you?re looking for a $300 camera, it?s because you know you want something better than what a smartphone can offer. Maybe that?s more reach courtesy of a longer lens, more flexibility, or just a more powerful flash. The biggest problem you?ll face when looking at cameras under 300 dollars is that this is a dying segment with few new offerings. You?ll need to sift through quite a bit of old stock to find what you?re looking for, which will take a lot of time and effort. As a photographer myself who started out shooting many of these devices, I?ve compiled this list to make that decision easier for you. Rest assured, despite being old, the featured sub $300 cameras offer great value and can be your first digital camera, to begin with. 6 Best Cameras Under $300 in 2022 To prepare this list of top digital cameras under 300 dollars, I have primarily focused on photo quality over anything else. Some of them are pretty old and lack the speed and video processing capabi ...
7 Best cameras for Product Photography [Sharp Shots]  from CameraKen  (2022/3/25 20:13) 
As a seller or a professional photographer, the one thing you need from a product photography camera is impeccable image quality. More often than not, you?re also going to be working from a studio, so tethering features and a high flash sync speed will not go unnoticed. Since it’s a very technical and demanding niche, it requires a great deal of investment. Hence, picking up the best camera for product photography isn?t that simple. Your investment also needs to extend beyond the camera and to a good studio as well. Drawing on my own experience as a camera reviewer for years and that of other professionals in the field, I?ve compiled a list of top-rated cameras for product photography in different price ranges. These devices are also flexible and will easily adapt to your shooting style. 7 Best cameras for Product Photography in 2022 The devices featured in this list range from modern mirrorless ILCs to some very capable Point & Shoots and even old-scho ...
7 Best Cameras for Pet Photography in 2022 [A Buyer?s Guide]  from CameraKen  (2022/3/18 15:15) 
Are you looking to take your first step into the world of pet photography? If yes, there are several gotchas that?ll catch you off-guard. I mean, not all cameras can track animals, for example, and rolling shutter is a big issue when tracking your furry friends. With so many options from various brands, finding a good camera for pet photography isn?t the problem. But how do you identify the features you need? And how do you find good value for your budget? Should you emphasize an expensive mirrorless body or the lenses? It?s questions like these I?m here to answer. As someone who loves shooting pets and with years of experience reviewing cameras, I?m here to make your decision easier. I’ve shortlisted highly-suitable pet photography cameras and explained why each had been chosen. 7 Best Cameras for Pet Photography in 2022 The products featured here have been chosen for their exceptional autofocus systems and versatility. Some of them are on the more expensive ...
8 Best Cameras for Moms in 2022 [Easy to Use]  from CameraKen  (2022/3/14 22:23) 
If you?re a mom in search of the best camera for family photography, you’ve arrived at the right place. What you need is a camera that?s quick to respond and easy to use. Eye AF is essential here, and a fast burst rate will ensure that you don?t miss those crucial family moments. Smartphones are fine for most family photos, but since you?re here looking for a digital camera, you?re either dissatisfied or seek better picture quality. As a step-up from smartphone photography, you should aim for something with a large sensor and lens and perhaps manual control for better control of the final image. Whether you?re a beginner or a pro, I?ve shortlisted a set of digital cameras for moms that will be attuned to your needs. These range from easy-to-use point & shoots with large sensors to mirrorless ILCs that are perfect for more advanced shooters. 8 Best Cameras for Moms in 2022 The moms-friendly cameras here have not just been chosen with all levels of shooters ...
Night Trail Farsta #2  from Stockholm Trail  (2022/1/31 6:30) 
Ny chans att springa Night Trail Farsta i skogarna runt Farstanäset och Svartvik får ni tisdagen den 22 februari. Då det var populärt och många önskade att få springa banan igen så kör vi en favorit i repris. Välj mellan banorna 6 km eller 11 km som går på en reflexslinga i skogen. Ingen asfalt!… Läs mer
7 Best Makeup Cameras in 2022 [For Pictures&Videos]  from CameraKen  (2022/1/13 18:40) 
The world of makeup has gone digital, and everyone from make-up artists to beauty bloggers are uploading mesmerizing photos & videos to their blogs and social profiles. As you came here, you must be looking for a suitable camera for makeup photography and this article shall help you find one. Shooting with a professional camera can really make a huge difference, no matter if you?re taking makeup pictures or recording makeup tutorials. You get a lot more details, colors look more vivid, and you get a lot more controls in the post, which you simply can?t get from something like a smartphone. That sheer amount of control is extremely important. The huge variety of available options can be rather confusing, and if you end up choosing the wrong camera, it may not be appropriate for your makeup needs at all. To make sure that you don?t end up buying the wrong camera, I?ve reviewed the handpicked cameras for makeup photos and videos. Best Makeup Cameras in 2022 I̵ ...
5 Best Point and Shoot Film Cameras of 2022 [Expert Reviews]  from CameraKen  (2022/1/13 18:30) 
Professional film cameras are excellent for shooting all types of video content, but they cost a lot and have a stiff learning curve. As you’re searching for the Point and Shoot film cameras, you’re definitely looking to shoot professional-grade videos, but in this case, using a more compact and easy-to-use solution. The advantage of Point & Shoot cameras over something like a compact Mirrorless Camera is just the sheer flexibility of taking the camera out of the pocket or the bag and starting to shoot. You don?t need to think about attaching lenses or carrying extra stuff to make it work. The Camera and an external Microphone do the job. Now, Point and Shoot cameras aren?t traditionally made for filmmaking, so most of them aren?t really going to do anything special for you. So, you really don?t want to end up with one of those. However, I did a lot of research and found some cameras that can be used for shooting short films and documentaries. Best Poi ...

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