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XC Developers Ring  from PEAK XOOPS Support&Experiment  (2006/5/7 5:57) 
I've just participated XC Developers Ring.Current Ring:(japanese)minahito -> Tom_G3X -> Ryuji -> nobunobu -> (GIJOE) -> minahito(english)minahito -> (GIJOE) -> minahitoIf you want to crawl japanese ring, click japanese flag once :-)
gticket2 released  from PEAK XOOPS Support&Experiment  (2006/5/6 4:50) 
A ticket/token class named XoopsGTicket is updated.In the version named gticket2, repost form will be opened if ticket error occurrs.This feature must reduce user's stresses.:-)The usage of gticket2 is almost the same as gticket.- include_once include/gtickets.php- add hidden into your form- add check() into your transactionform side with XoopsForm:[code]$form = new XoopsThemeForm( ... );$GLOBALS['xoopsGTicket']-> addTicketXoopsFormElement( $form , __LINE__ , 1800 ,'(your area name)') ;[/code]form side with plain HTML:[code]$xoopsGTicket-> getTicketHtml( __LINE__ , 1800 ,'(your area name)')[/code]transaction side:[code]if ( ! $xoopsGTicket-> check( true ,'(your area name)') ) {redirect_header(XOOPS_URL.'/',3,$xoopsGTicket-> getErrors());}[/code]If an error occurs in cheking the ticket,"repost form"is displayed automatically.If you don't want to display"repost form", call check() like this.[code]if ( ! $xoopsGTicket-> check( true ,'(your area name)', false ) ) {redirect_header(XOOPS_URL ...
piCal  from PEAK XOOPS Support&Experiment  (2006/4/28 14:29) 
XSSes have been found in piCal =0.86, please.I'm sorry that I have never checked this old module seriously.
plzXoo Alternative RC release  from PEAK XOOPS Support&Experiment  (2006/4/20 4:49) 
plzXoo - Q&A module with POINT has been released as RC version.If you update plzXoo, don't forget updating the module.I believe that plzXoo has good chemistry with XOOPS as communication tools.Try it.
uploaded zip extracting security  from PEAK XOOPS Support&Experiment  (2006/4/6 10:39) 
Though I've released"zip file upload"modules, the library PEAR::Archive_Zip which is used by the modules has two security holes.(1) Directory Traversal with extracting a zip into the file system(2) It is easy to create a zip exhausting server's memery with extracting.Against (1), don't extract a zip into the file system directly.[code]$reader = new Archive_Zip( (upload_tmp_file) ) ;$files = $reader-> extract( array('extract_as_string'=> true ) ) ;[/code]You can get extracted bodies as an array of $files. Then, save them into files manually and carefully.But, there are no clue to solve the problem of (2), in fact.Thus, you cannot allow anonymous users to upload zip.When I implement a feature of zip archive into myAlbum-P, it must be a function in admin side.Since there are no CSRF threat with HTTP-upload, we should care"direct attacks"only.
World's Highest Performance in Internet Communication was Achieved  from Press Releases from School of Science, The University of Tokyo  (2004/11/17 0:00) 
Researchers of the University of Tokyo won "Land Speed Record Award" in IEEE SC2004 conference.
Discovery of a strange tribaryon  from Press Releases from School of Science, The University of Tokyo  (2004/8/26 0:00) 
A group consisting of Shigetaka Suzuki (graduate), Professor Ryugo Hayano, and others of the Department of Physics, discovered a strange nucleus called a "strange tribaryon".
Time adjustment mechanism of the biological clock has been clarified.  from Press Releases from School of Science, The University of Tokyo  (2004/7/13 0:00) 
A group consisting of Dr. Masao Doi, Lecturer Toshiyuki Okano, Professor Yoshitaka Fukada, and others of the Department of Biophysics and Biochemistry, has clarified a time adjustment mechanism of the biological clock.
Discovery of "Xylogen", a Substance that Develops the Plant Vascular System, the Water Pathway of a  from Press Releases from School of Science, The University of Tokyo  (2004/6/24 0:00) 
A group led by Dr. Hiroyasu Motose and Professor Hiroo Fukuda of Department of Biological Sciences, and Dr. Munetaka Sugiyama of Botanical Gardens discovered a signal molecule that promotes the continuous formation of vessels, paths which function in transporting water in plants
Ship in a Bottle in the Nano World  from Press Releases from School of Science, The University of Tokyo  (2004/5/25 0:00) 
Metal clusters are grown inside a nanohorn through a hole in its side. At the minute scale of nanometers, a method has been developed to trap metal atoms inside carbon nanotubes, just like making a ship in a bottle.

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