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The UNESCO mandate commits the Observatory to pay due attention to the impact of globalization on knowledge societies through the collection of pertinent information and monitoring of main trends. As a part of UNESCO’s strategy to build knowledge societies and in compliance with UNESCO’s function as “clearing house”, the UNESCO Observatory on the Information Society aims at monitoring the development of knowledge societies.

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7 Best Makeup Cameras in 2021 [For Makeup Artists&Beauty Bloggers] (2021/6/28 23:25)
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Having some good security in the church is becoming more and more and more important these days and adding security cameras is the first step towards that. As you came here looking for the best PTZ c ...
3 Best Canon EOS Rebel T6i Bundles in 2021 [Top Picks] (2021/6/21 14:55)
A bundle is an essential addition to the Canon T6i camera body. It is a wise choice that would give you all the things you need to kickstart your photography journey. But with options like a company& ...
8 Best Nikon D7200 Accessories in 2021 [Top Picks] (2021/6/16 17:55)
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10 Best Lenses for Nikon D7100 in 2021 [Expert Reviews] (2021/6/15 21:40)
The Nikon D7100 is an impressive DSLR. It comes with an 18-140mm zoom lens, but it is hardly enough. Of course, if you have a great camera, you would need more than one lens. That’s why I am ...
6 Best Canon T6i Accessories in 2021 [Expert Recommendations] (2021/6/15 16:15)
The Canon T6i comes with some really cool perks. However, if you?re looking to further enhance your photography experience, you need the right accessories. In this article, I’ll help you find s ...
5 Best Nikon D3000 Lenses in 2021 [Expert Choices] (2021/6/4 19:10)
Your Nikon already came with a kit lens, but that is never enough. The camera you own is old but it is still capable of doing much more with the right lenses. The kit lens it comes with allows you to ...
9 Best 4K Camcorders in 2021 [For Every Purpose&Budget] (2021/6/2 0:05)
In a world saturated with smartphone cameras & mirrorless cameras , the old school camcorders aren?t as popular as they used to be. The companies making them, however, are trying to bring the la ...

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