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Links - Human SCINT Seminar registered on the UNESCO Observatory database



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Visit Human SCINT Seminar registered on the UNESCO Observatory database Popular site Mutual site    rss Last Update 2006/1/18 21:22
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The Human Science Integration Seminar Project is listed on the UNESCO Observatory on the Information Society.
A short introduction to the Human Science Integration Seminar Project is registered on the Observatory database.
The category is "Access to Information and Knowledge" -> "Scientific Information".

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Film production is when you are ready with a script and the plan and going to shoot the scenes. And lighting is most important when it comes to shooting. The presence of lights and their angles would tell the story in a certain way. LED lights are the way to go if you are looking for lights in film production. But when cameras already come with a built-in flash, what is the need for an external light? Well, there are many reasons for it. Firstly, the flash is fixed and harsh. It would give you unpleasant results. Plus it would always be there with the camera. So you can?t change the angle of the light. While and external lighting setup will not only add depth and softness to the shooting but also give you the flexibility to target it where you want without moving the camera. You can adjust the color temperature and the intensity which is not possible in the built-in flash. However, lights for photography and videography are not the same. Photography lights are made for ...
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10 Best PTZ Camera for Church [Live Stream&Record Church Services] (2020/9/8 23:45)
A church is a place of worship and in times like this of COVID 19, a Pan Tilt Zoom (commonly known as PTZ) camera can be very useful to broadcast and live stream the church mass. It can even help to ...
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