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Links - Human SCINT Seminar registered on the UNESCO Observatory database
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Visit Human SCINT Seminar registered on the UNESCO Observatory database Popular site Mutual site    rss Last Update 2006/1/18 21:22
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The Human Science Integration Seminar Project is listed on the UNESCO Observatory on the Information Society.
A short introduction to the Human Science Integration Seminar Project is registered on the Observatory database.
The category is "Access to Information and Knowledge" -> "Scientific Information".

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6 Best Underwater Ice Fishing Cameras in 2023 [Fish Viewing] (2023/1/28 16:45)
Bundling up and heading to your nearest lake, fishing gear in tow must rank near the top of anyone?s list of things to indulge in during long, wintry days. Unless you?re a master fisherman, however, that trip can turn out to be very frustrating if you start drilling holes in the wrong spot. What you need is an ice fishing camera. Here?s the thing: Unlike regular digital cameras, ice fishing cameras are a niche unto themselves, and unless you know exactly what you?re looking for, you?re going to end up lost and wondering what you?ve just spent your money on. Trust me, I?ve been there. To help you make an informed decision, I?ve spent quite a bit of time researching various underwater ice fishing cameras, talking to passionate fishermen, and understanding their needs and favorite tools. That knowledge has been distilled into these six recommendations, which should help you speed up the process of choosing an ideal ice fishing camera. 6 Best Ice Fishing Cameras of 2023 [ ...
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Few things are as joyous as snowboarding down steep slopes, or as demanding on the human body. Capturing and sharing that joy, however, isn?t easy. Unless you have the right gear, cold temperatures a ...
What is a Mirrorless Camera? [Explained with Types] (2023/1/28 16:30)
The world of digital cameras is evolving at a tremendous rate and we are way past those old-school Film Camera days. The photography industry has been taken over by advanced level DSLRs, Mirrorless C ...
7 Best Cameras for Skateboarding in 2023 [Expert Picks] (2023/1/28 16:25)
As a skateboarder looking to share their skills online, what you?re looking for is a skate camera that?s small, light, and sturdy. You need something that?s tough, something that can take hard knocks ...
7 Best Cameras for Surf Photography in 2023 [Expert Suggestions] (2023/1/28 16:20)
There?s something almost intangibly wonderful and freeing about surfing on a warm summer day. However, capturing that freedom and wonder in a photograph is another matter entirely. Without adequ ...
6 Best Nikon Lenses for Sports Photography in 2023 [Expert Picks] (2023/1/28 16:15)
The Nikon range of cameras has been praised for generations for their insane photography capabilities and professionals were quick to adopt them. Lenses play a major role in all this, and if you are ...
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Sharing your joy of skiing with the world requires a ski camera that can capture that pleasure well and be just as much of a pleasure to use. You need a small light camera that you can mount on a hea ...
7 Best Cameras for Concert Photography in 2023 [Expert Picks] (2023/1/28 16:05)
Concerts are cool, and shooting them is even cooler. Flashing lights, smoke effects, and moody lighting result in scenes that are incredibly exciting if you can capture them right. And that?s the rea ...
Best Camera Settings for Car Photography [With Tips&Tricks] (2023/1/27 18:50)
Unlike randomly clicking stuff around you, adhering to specific settings is advised to get the job done perfectly. You might be a beginner or a hobbyist who wants to take great pictures of a car , t ...

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