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In 1877, The University of Tokyo was founded consisting of four Faculties (Law, Science, Literature and Medicine).
The Faculty of Science consisted of eight Departments. The Koishikawa Botanical Gardens attached to the Faculty of Science.
In 2001, The Graduate School of Science consists of six departments,
Physics, Astronomy, Earth and Planetary Science,
Chemistry, Biophysics and Biochemistry, and Biological Sciences.

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World's Highest Performance in Internet Communication was Achieved (2004/11/17 0:00)
Researchers of the University of Tokyo won "Land Speed Record Award" in IEEE SC2004 conference.
Discovery of a strange tribaryon (2004/8/26 0:00)
A group consisting of Shigetaka Suzuki (graduate), Professor Ryugo Hayano, and others of the Department of Physics, discovered a strange nucleus called a "strange tribaryon".
Time adjustment mechanism of the biological clock has been clarified. (2004/7/13 0:00)
A group consisting of Dr. Masao Doi, Lecturer Toshiyuki Okano, Professor Yoshitaka Fukada, and others of the Department of Biophysics and Biochemistry, has clarified a time adjustment mechanism of the ...
Discovery of "Xylogen", a Substance that Develops the Plant Vascular System, the Water Pathway of a (2004/6/24 0:00)
A group led by Dr. Hiroyasu Motose and Professor Hiroo Fukuda of Department of Biological Sciences, and Dr. Munetaka Sugiyama of Botanical Gardens discovered a signal molecule that promotes the contin ...
Ship in a Bottle in the Nano World (2004/5/25 0:00)
Metal clusters are grown inside a nanohorn through a hole in its side. At the minute scale of nanometers, a method has been developed to trap metal atoms inside carbon nanotubes, just like making a sh ...
The First Cry of a Newborn Star - a New Nebula Appearing in M78 Observed - (2004/5/21 0:00)
A new nebula appearing in one corner of diffuse nebula M78 was photographed at the Kiso Observatory, Institute of Astronomy.
Experimental Evidence Supports Mass-generating Quark Condensation Theory (2004/3/9 19:31)
A group led by Professor Ryugo Hayano and Ken Suzuki (graduate student) has obtained experimental evidence that supports the quark condensation phenomenon, by which the generation of mass can be expla ...
World's Fastest Computing Speed and Fastest Data Transfer Speed Were Achieved (2003/11/27 14:30)
Researchers of the University of Tokyo won Gordon Bell Prize and "Distance times Bandwidth Product and Network Technology Award" in SC2003 conference.

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