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The seminars will be presented by the members of every graduate schools related to human science in the university. The project was started in April 2005 and has been held for 13 times and 16 people presented by December 2005. People from six graduate schools in the university including school of science, engineering, information science and technology, pharmacology, medicine, education, arts and science make presentations by January 2006. By the end of 2006, the project will cover people from every graduate schools related to human science. Please see 'Record' or 'Event' section for details.
Participants and Registrants
The participants and registrants of the seminars are students, researchers, faculties of the University of Tokyo, universities and research institutes including National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), RIKEN, Kyoto University, Tokyo Institute of Technology (TITECH), Saitama University and Hiroshima University (as of December 2005).
Assumed visitors of this website are students, researchers, faculties involving human science and who would like to practice the similar interdisciplinary project for promoting communication among people of different disciplines in the world.
The seminar is one of the core projects in the Science Integration Program - Humans, of the University of Tokyo. Mihoko Otake, one of the members of the Science Integration Program - Humans, came up with the idea of the Human Science Integration Seminar Project in April 2005. Since then, she has been organizing series of seminars and developing this community site. Co-organizers of the project are the members of the Science Integration Program - Humans, Toshihisa Takagi (Program Leader of the Science integration Program - Humans), Steven Kraines, Takaki Makino, Daisuke Hoshiyama (members of the Science Integration Program- Humans). Masayo Shimizu, the university official supported the administrative things like payment for the presenters of the seminar.
Science Integration Program - Human
The Science Integration Program was established in April 2005 under the direction of University of Tokyo President Hiroshi Komiyama. The Science Integration Program - Human, started as the first activity in the overall program, will target integration of knowledge within the field of life science relating in particular to scientific knowledge of the human organism from genome to organism level phenomena.
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