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Step 1 Find presenters
We take social networking method for finding the presenters. The speakers are either person who the organizers directly know of or who the organizers are introduced to by their colleagues and friends, former presenters or participants. Requirements for the presenter are open mindedness, interests in networking and enough time for preparation. The organizers try to find graduate students and young researchers because they form next generation of science.
Step 2 Arrange and prepare the contents of presentation
Once the presenter of the seminar is determined, the speaker decides the following items: title, keywords (less than 5), topics (around 3) and abstract. The speakers are asked to include the common sense and background of their topics in their research fields. The organizers make comments so that their presentations are comprehensible to the participants of different majors. Handouts and presentation materials are prepared based on the discussion and comments. Data sheet of the presenters is also filled out including their research fields, affiliated societies, advisors, titles of bachelors’, masters’, and doctors’ thesis. Administrative works are done for payment if the presenter is graduate student.
Step 3 Announce the seminar
Announcements of the seminars are done by e-mail to the registered people including date, time, speaker, title and keywords. The recipients are asked to forward them to their colleagues and friends. The same information is registered on the website (Development: Updating: Step 1).
Step 4 Hold the seminar
Presentation period with discussion for each speaker is about one hour to one and a half hours. During the presentation, photos are taken and the participants’ lists are filled out. Handouts with references are distributed to the participants and presentation materials are submitted to the organizers from the speaker.
Step 5 Update the website
References, photos and links are registered on the website (Development: Updating: Step 1, 2, 3). Minutes of the seminars is added by editing the events and photos (Development: Updating: Step 4). Discussion among presenters and participants are summarized by presenters and participants. New participants are added on the announcement lists.
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